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Photo Walk: Kensington Market

Improv: My Creative Vegetable

Artist Date: Ketogenic Carrot Cupcakes

On Being a Burlesque Performer

Break From Creativity: The Aquarium

Lessons on Creativity From Makeup

Writing Everyday For a Summer

Trying Acting

Break From Creativity: Camping


On Four Years of Morning Pages

Masrahiya: Theatre of Procrastination

Arranged Marriage: Learning To Love Toronto

Waking up Anxious

Are you a Shadow Artist?

Desert Meditation in Kuwait

Empathy and Writing

The Power of Colours

Relationship With the Elements

Returning to My Culinary Roots

Procrastination Can Be Your Friend

Living in Corktown, Toronto

On Being Other

Summer Depression

On Curly Hair

Loving Alone Time

Cell Phones and Creativity

Self-Care Versus Self-Indulgence

Wants vs. Needs


Island of Enchantment: Puerto Rico

Glimpses of Atlanta

Big Heart, Big Texas

Beautiful Limbo: Traveller And Local In Puerto Rico

My Contentious Relationship With Vancouver

Hostel Cake: Baking in Kuwait

Solo Las Vegas

Adventures In Airports

New Orleans: Old Soul City

Bits of Miami

Driving The Oregon Coast

Street Festival: Filipinos in Toronto

Experiencing Savannah

Mosaic of Malaysia


On Saying “I Love You”

Happy Tipsy: Alcohol as Reprieve

Days Of The Week As Friends