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Welcome to my web corner! I’m Yasmeen. I live in Toronto, Canada. I’m a blogger who likes to document experiences with creative and introspective spins.

Like many people, I have diverse interests. But after years of introspection, I realized almost everything that drew me in had a creative angle. My work on this blog is hugely influenced by Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way, which helped excavate my creativity.

Fun facts about me:

I love trying new things but oddly, can be extremely resistant to change.

I’ve lived in three countries (Kuwait, the Philippines and Canada). And in Canada, I’ve lived in four cities (and counting).

I speak three languages: English (duh), Tagalog (Filipino) and Arabic (not fluent but I can read, write and carry a basic conversation. It was the first language I learned). I’m currently learning Spanish!

My biggest non-human loves in life are writing, books, anything with Nutella, and travel.

I hold a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science. I didn’t like working in libraries, but I’m a huge believer in literacy and explaining things to people so they understand it.

Below is a guide to my blog, which I hope you’ll find helpful:

Endeavours. Experiences I tried. Some were fun, some were a total bust and some were eye-opening. I took a writing course and ended up starting this blog. I took a burlesque class and joined a troupe for a few years. These are clues leading to an enriching creative life.

Introspection is a huge part of getting to know yourself, and anyone who’s really dug deep will tell you it’s tough–yet fulfilling– work. I wrote posts that could be useful if you’re experiencing the same things I did e.g. making friends with procrastination or how to journal (spoiler: there’s no wrong way). Some are cathartic and a handful were difficult yet effective strategies. Documenting them can be vital in elevating self-awareness.

Travel. Travel can be a tool, a double-edged distraction or a way to just unplug. You can travel fast, you can travel slow. This is not a travel blog (there are many great ones out there). When I write about a place, I document how it feels being there, and noticing how other people live, as I strive to be a conscious global citizen.

Essays. Writing is one of my biggest loves. The posts you’ll find in this category don’t fit into other sections but I still want to share.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you. I hope you find my work useful if you:

  1. Can relate to some of what I’m going through (I’d like to hear from you).
  2. Are curious about new experiences.
  3. Are interested in anything creative.